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Landscaping in Real Estate

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The landscaping of a property is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the exterior look of a property.

Plants are cheap and installing them is even cheaper. But, the first step is to clean up and beautify the existing landscaping. Nothing is worse than arriving to a property to show you’re a potential buyer and having there be a huge dead tree or bush in the front yard.

My suggestions: Prune up or remove all dead or dying vegetation from the property. This alone can greatly improve the look of a home. Watering is very important. Plants need water.

If there is not an irrigation system be sure the plants are getting watered regularly. (A drip system is an effective way to water in desert environments). Another challenge is weeds. During the spring and into the summer weeds grow prolifically in this area.

Regular landscaping in real maintenance is required. But, this is all information most of you are familiar with.

Landscaping for a property is often forgotten, overlooked or misused when it comes to real estate sales.
A good place tree or flowering shrub along with focal point outdoor lighting can make a world of difference.

In my opinion, it is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve upon and give your property that needed an edge over the competition.

You’re about to sell your home and you think you’ve covered all of the bases. You’ve had the termite inspection completed. You’ve updated the old appliances.

You made sure to check the house for any damage because you’d rather find it yourself than have it pointed out by potential home buyers. You even went through and cleaned the home from top to bottom to make sure that it looked its best.

Also,You are ready to put it on the market. But wait a minute. You might have forgotten what could be the most important part of selling your home – the landscaping.

Yes, you’re selling the home itself, not the yard. But the home is sitting on a property and if that property doesn’t look perfect, you’re going to lose a lot of sales.

Often, people will drive by a property before actually making an appointment to check out the inside.

They want to get a feel for what the house looks like. If the landscaping turns them off, they’ll never make that appointment.

Sure, they could re-do the landscaping themselves but nobody wants to put in the effort it would take to imagine what the house could look like if the yard was cleaned up.

Landscaping in real estate is something everyone should consider. Landscaping is good and ideal.

Don’t make them imagine; clean it up for them.

Landscaping in real estate is not to be played with.

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