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Flavours of Landlords in Nigeria

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Nigeria is actually a fun and free place to stay. We have a lot going on in our country but we are definitely happy people.

There are frustrations here and there, and we will be discussing a very vital aspect of our lives.

Our landlords, yes I said it, Our landlords are part of our everyday lives I guess.

Let’s take a dive into the flavours of landlords in Nigeria.

Chocolate Flavour
Despite the fact that many tenants have had bad experiences with different kind of Landlords, there are some that stand out.

These landlords have never fallen into the bad books of their tenants no matter how notorious that tenant is.

We’ve had many instances of landlords inviting their tenants for breakfast and even dinner whenever they deem it fit, depending on their relationship with such tenant.

On a lighter note, if you were a tenant in an apartment owned by Mr chocolate, you will never want to sack your landlord.

Purge Flavour
There are some Landlords that would cause you wondering if they share the same apartment with you.

These Landlords come knocking on your door at very odd hours especially at crucial periods when you are having the best of times with your loved ones.

They can interrupt happy moments and elicit fear when all you want at such times is to revel in the rare moment.

Nepa/Police Flavour
Another category of Landlords that is common with our climate are Landlords who never take responsibility for any damage that occurs on their property.

These landlords turn deaf ears to calls for repairs from concerned tenants.

They are always quick to encourage tenants to take care of their internal and external environment, without failing to remind them that whatever they sow they shall reap.

A typical landlord that falls under this category would say, “I was once a tenant like you if I did not take care of the property and the premises I rented, I wouldn’t have been a Landlord today.

Therefore, undertake any repair you deem necessary so that you can one day become a landlord too.”

It’s a ruse you shouldn’t fall for except you think you really should undertake that repair without bringing the landlord into the picture. This category of landlords only looks for means to shift responsibilities to their tenants.

They only do renovations when they realize apartments are vacant and new tenants will possibly be coming in. For them, it’s business as usual!

what category of flavours of landlords in Nigeria do you fall under?

Can you relate?

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