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Evicting Tenants

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The first step to take in evicting your tenant is to have your lawyer serve him with a notice to quit.

If he is already 6 months in arrears of rent or according to your agreement with him.

The notice to quit is a statutory requirement for the termination of all forms of periodic tenancies.
A notice to quit must contain;

The type of tenancy (yearly or monthly etc)
The date to give up possession
The description of the property (address also)
The capacity in which the lawyer is writing
NB: a notice to quit is a letter and not necessarily a court document.

The next step to take if the tenant still refuses to vacate is to serve him with a notice of owners intend to apply to recover possession.

This notice is informing the tenant of the intention of the landlord to apply to court and recover the premises from the tenant.

It is given for 7 days, within which the tenant must vacate or prepare to go to court.

For the notice to be valid, the 7 days must be clear and not short of one day. This is also a statutory requirement and must be given after the effluxion of the term and the notice to quit has expired.

Finally, if any of the above grounds of eviction in Nigeria is breached.

The court will hear the matter, make an order for evicting the tenants as long as it is proven.

Also, the court will also award damages and profits to the landlord.

It is advisable for tenants, on the other hand, to abide by the rules.

so that you won’t be the guilty party and enforce your rights when necessary and avoid future litigation.

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