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November 20, 2019
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December 11, 2019
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Omo onile Wahala

We will be analysing Omo onile wahala in this article

Firstly, Omo onile (literally meaning “the child of the landowner”) on real estate development in Lagos, Nigeria.

Omo Onile claims to be the indigenous residents of communities in Lagos.

However, they have become more pronounced with the rapid expansion of the Lagos metropolis.

Meanwhile, Some Omo Onile claims the right to sell and collect a payment, compensation, rents, and taxes from those they consider tenants, non-indigenes, or settlers.

These Omo Onile operate like land grabbers, using force, deception, and intimidation to gain access and control over increasingly scarce land in Lagos.

In this way, they are key actors in increased tensions, including conflicts between landowners, buyers, and private investors.

Common practices of the Omo Onile include selling the same parcel of land to multiple buyers and encroaching on land acquired legitimately by others.

Moreover, they make it difficult for land buyers to take possession of their property.

After purchase by demanding illegal payments and threatening or attacking construction workers at building sites.

These illegal activities increasingly pose a problem to urban development, peace and security.

And sometimes lead to heavy losses by local and foreign private investors.

We will write more on omo onile wahala as time goes by.

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